Today we feature a guest post from Bruce Frame, a Melbourne based Business coach who has been helping small business of all shapes and sizes succeed.

Every business has five equally important parts but the order must be this way; 

  • Entrepreneurial - envisage what the business will be,
  • Marketing - find the potential customers,
  • Selling - turns the enquiries into orders,
  • Technical - deliver the promise and
  • Systemise - to make it work without the owner.

All five must be done all the time; a failure to do any is a failure to do all! But to make that possible you must first be able to manage yourself (time management is a fallacy!), you must understand the difference between important work and urgent work, and you must understand the difference between hard work and long work. 

Without a clear and concise understanding of these four characteristics you are always time poor, and if you're time poor – even if you're money rich then you are really only an employee, and if you're an employee of a business you own then you may have the worst job in the world; because your boss doesn't know how to run their business!

Bruce Frame is an entrepreneur for many reasons but principally because he began his working life as an electrician and rose to the position of General Manager and Director of a major automotive components manufacturer.

At 56 he is widely respected for his business knowledge and his ability to relate to people at any level in an organisation.

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