Optimising is more than just a digital agency. We’re a team of brilliant minds who will transform your business through cutting-edge, game-changing solutions.

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Your business is our business. We’ve helped deliver real organic and paid search solutions to some of Australia's top companies for over a decade.

We believe in aggregation. Whether that’s sales, traffic, visibility or the whole lot, we’ve got it in the bag. Let the team at Optimising help you realise your online potential and soar to new heights today.

Industry Recognised

We're great at what we do. And we’ve been recognised for it.

Aside from being awarded Google’s highly-coveted Premier Partner status, we were also voted among Australia’s Top 100 Coolest Companies to work for and are a four-time finalist of the SEMrush Search Awards.

We are also one of Australia's first Shopify Plus SEO partners and work with a great stable of amazing Shopify Plus merchants.

In the grand scheme of things, recognition is just the icing on the cake. We truly enjoy being a part of this dynamic industry and are regulars at various digital marketing meetups and events in and around Melbourne.

Google Premier Partner

In-House Providers

Unlike many of our competitors, all of our work is performed in-house by the team at our Melbourne office. We take great pride in providing industry standard best practices to all of our clients.

There’s a reason why we’ve nabbed the awards we have, and why so many of our clients have chosen to invest in us long-term. We go all in; sculpting technical and savvy websites with compelling content, as well as creating strategies that attract quality links. At Optimising, we focus a lot of manual hours on building your brand in the most effective way possible.

There are no shortcuts with SEO, SEM or any other online marketing. Utilising our combined expertise we provide tailor-made solutions and focus on achieving results to get your brand the visibility it needs.

Commitment Free Partnerships

It’s easy to be a commitment-phobe when there are so many digital marketing and SEO companies out there. Whether a one-off or long-term, we strive to apply the best strategies we have to make your brand stand out.

Over the years, Optimising has built an ever expanding stable of long-term clients. They choose to stay with us because of our commitment to transparent service, our belief that each client is unique and, most of all, because of the outstanding results we achieve.

Simply put - we build exceptional campaigns, you grow your business.

Custom Strategies

With online marketing, there’s no such thing as 'winging it' if you expect to succeed.

Our data driven, ROI focused strategies have been tested for 10+ years with a stellar track record. We make online brands stand out, not only to major search engines like Google, but also to your target audience and potential clients.

This means more visibility -> more traffic -> more conversions.

We're also big on transparency - we never keep you in the dark and will happily keep you in the loop with what we’re up to every step of the way. Through our monthly custom reports, we make what we do easily understandable making it easier for you to keep all of your stakeholders informed.

Whether it’s SEO, Paid Ads, or Social Ads we believe in leaving no stone unturned; we position your brand in all the places your customers are looking.


We make digital marketing accessible for everyone - from small business owners to large multinational organisations, our fees are worked around your site requirements and budget.

We care about more than just SEO

Optimising are made up of a team of great people who care about more than just great Google rankings. 

We strive to be both an ethically and environmentally responsible agency in any way we can.

Some of the ways we approach this include; recycling (including e-waste) and food composting, using an ethical bank, going 'paper-free' wherever possible, and only using Green Energy.

We believe this makes for a better place to work and, by reducing the environmental impact we make, contributes to making us a better company. While we still have a way to go we're always looking for ways to improve. 

Optimising are genuinely committed and actively contributing to leaving this world a better place.

At Optimising, our people are everything.

Meet the team

Ingenious, passionate, and client-focused. 

The Optimising team is made up of a stable of rockstars who consistently deliver industry leading solutions.

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Our Company

Founded in 2008 by Daniel & James, Optimising has grown from a tiny shared city office with one small window, to one of the leading digital agencies in Melbourne.

"We noticed there was a gap in the market for a transparent and customer-focused agency, and felt that we could really make a difference to the clients we were talking to compared to what they were currently seeing from their agency" James said.

Starting with a big focus on SEO, Optimising have worked on a wide range of projects and expanded into areas such as pay-per-click, social media, and website and application development over the years.

Optimising prides itself on its great people. The team at Optimising are dedicated to our clients, always ensuring we are at the bleeding edge. In a very competitive and constantly changing market, it's our attention to detail and transparency that really sets us apart.

Our office is located on Punt Road in Richmond, just a decent kick away from the MCG. It's a light filled, open space that helps us to work collaboratively, in between taking a break on the rooftop terrace or battling it out on our original NBA Jam arcade machine.

We have big plans at Optimising, and continue to strive to do more for our clients, and our people, to make this happen.

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