Newly released research from Sensis and the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association resulted in consumers use Facebook more often than Twitter and LinkedIn by a big margin, with Australian businesses looking at the same fate in the coming 12 months.

The research was based on a telephone survey of 803 people carried out in the first three months of 2011 and weighted to reflect the demographics of the Australian population. Results show 62% of respondents used social media which the survey defined as including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, blogs and group buying sites.


Of those 62%, Facebook dwarfed all other social media usage. A total of 97% of the social media users said they used Facebook. After Facebook, came LinkedIn with 9%, followed by Twitter on 8% and MySpace on just 4%. However, Twitter users are the most loyal to the site, saying that they used it on average 23 times per week – just ahead of Facebook on 16.2 times per week.

A second part of the study – based on interviews carried out with business people in January and February for the Sensis Business Index – quizzed Australian businesses on their social media strategies. The study indicated that Facebook is the most popular social media presence.

Most companies – small and large – see the next 12 months as a period where they will increase their spending on social media. And they anticipate that the effort will result in increased sales.

So what does this mean for business? Should we all stop using all platforms and put all our efforts behind Facebook? 

Here at Optimising, we encourage a mixed approach. Use what works best for your business, that wont change.