So you used up all your vacation time early. All your projects are finished and you've got a little quiet time while your workmates are away on some beach drinking cocktails?

Shopping cart with Christmas box - digital artwork. Get more traffic to your website for Christmas!


Do you business a favour and go over this holiday checklist, to ensure a well Search Engine Optimised website for the year ahead: 

Google Maps:

  • Is your business on Google maps? If not, head over the to Google business Centre and submit your details so you will be found on the newish Google feature which is now prominent most Google Results

Google Webmaster Tools:

  • Ensure your site is active on Google Webmaster tools. Login here and check your sitemap is indexed and your site is free of error *Google Analytics: Do you monitor your statistics? Do you even have them installed? If you don't install the Google Analytics code on your site, so for the year ahead, you can monitor your traffic and learn from your customers habits (Good and Bad)

Link Building:

  • Go to, and do a link search 'link:' in the Google search box, and see how many links Google recognises are pointing to the site. Regardless of the result, you can always do with more, so start hunting for directories and other sites which are relevant to your website, and get your links on there!


  • First step is to setup a twitter account and start using it to engage with customers and like minded individuals.


Second step is to setup monitoring to in the year ahead, you always know what going on. Use one of these services and direct to a group email address. Sure, there are heaps of things you could do. These are just some that I think are very important, and not really that hard to do (You don't want to be working too hard do you?)