Posterous lets you post things online instantly using email. All you need to do is email and you get a reply instantly with your new posterous blog 'URL'. You can attach almost any type of file and it's instantly posted online to your own private URL.

What could you possibly need with a 'disposable blog' I hear you say?

I'll be honest, I have only just been brought around to the subtle genius of Posterous. I was recently in attendance to a great Social Media conference help in Melbourne called 'Marketing Now' or #mktgnow as it was widely known on Twitter.

One of the speakers setup a Posterous blog to share information, commentary, and notes from the conference. Although not a 'permanent' resource, (By permanent, I mean individually hosted environment-not that it will disappear any time soon) it was setup in minutes, could be added to by any of the attendees, and now forms a permanent resource we can all now go back to in future to revise information learnt throughout the two days.

Posterous: Hate Signing up to stuff? Don't worry about that here...

In addition to its functional uses, it also has some cool 'nice to have' features as well:

Auto Image Galleries 

If you attach one photo (of any size, even direct from your camera!), it gets re-sized it to a web-friendly size and post it. If you attach more than one photo in the same message, Posterous automatically create a good looking image gallery. 

Auto Music Players 

The music is turned into a web MP3 player so that your readers can listen to it right there in their web browsers. Social Media Integration Like all good Web 2.0 services, Posterous is hooked up to all the major Social Media Services. Anything you post can be feed to your friends through Facebook and twitter status updates. I've only run through a few of the cool features of Posterous, you'll find heaps more, but you'll need to try it out for yourself.