We are growing pretty quickly at Optimising and with each day, we are developing more complex SEO strategies for our clients. When we first started out, we never imagined we would be developing contingency plans for changes in the Google algorithm. As we learn more about our clients' needs, we are understanding the need for security around their investments and managing the risks effectively. 

Optimising has added a more strategic approach to its SEO activities with effective contingency plans that manage changes effectively. The contingency plans developed will minimise the impact of the 'Penguin' or 'Panda' updates on our clients' search rankings. 

For example, the most recent Penguin updates focused on removing rankings for overly optimised pages with poor quality content, stuffed with keywords. Our in-house digital copywriter, Jadan, was free for a chat about content and SEO.


Jadan: Users love engaging copy and Google knows it. Strong copywriting transforms traffic into customers, it's the nexus between the technical and human sides of SEO. 

Optimising Blog: So what does that have to do with my clients' search engine rankings? 

Jadan: Google knows awesome from horrible, we can't keep plying the same old techniques in a constantly evolving Googleverse. Strong content means higher rankings. 

Optimising blog: Googleverse? 

Jadan: Yeah, the Googleverse. 

Optimising blog: Are you crazy? 

Jadan: Whatever Optimising blog, you're not even a real person.


Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Jadan. Moving on.... The team at Optimising have developed these preventative measures so their client's can weather the storm of updates and changes to Google. 

The strategies are coupled with recovery measures so when things do go wrong, our clients can recover their ratings quickly and start attracting the attention their web presence deserves. Since the latest Penguin update, Optimising clients have only been marginally affected by the updates and we credit our focus on top quality content that's not overly optimised and ethically implemented. 

If you think your website has been affected by updates, or is vulnerable to future Google updates, then get in touch with the Optimising team for a discussion around your options.