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James Richardson

Sales & Marketing Director | Co-Founder

Posted: 25 Mar 2020

Optimising website V 7.5

We finally did it...

When we started the Optimising rebrand process 12 months ago to celebrate 10 years in business, we had a few things in mind:

  1. Make the brand match where we are at as a company.
  2. Create a new website that better represents our position in the market, highlighting our strengths, team, and amazing clients.
  3. Get this done in a timely manner.

Looking back, 2 out of 3 ain't bad? (Hint: It took us forever!)

New Optimising branding

We did a more detailed post on this in 2018 when we launched the new logo, but we’re still super happy with how it looks and what it represents.

For a little more detail check out our previous post here.

Below is the 2014 iteration of the site to show how far we've come - got to say we actually still like that one!

New Optimising website

Isn’t it pretty?

While this took us a long time to complete between client work we finally got there, and we love it.

We had a few objectives we wanted to achieve with the new website:

  • Match our new branding and style incorporated in a modern design
  • Feature our clients and results prominently
  • Completely redo the structure and content
  • Create a website that's easy to use and manage
  • Crazy fast loading
  • Strong technical SEO... Obviously



We were super lucky when our amazing designer, Shane Austin from We Go Beyond, came on-board to create our branding as well as the design concept for the website.

He was able to create something that seamlessly showcases the identity we were trying to create.

Check out Shane's portfolio to see more of his amazing work. 

Build & technical setup

As much as we love a pretty design, being an SEO company we know that it's just as important that the site is well-built and as technically sound as we can make it (that's our game right!).

We made lots of decisions and some compromises to ensure that we were able to practise what we preach as much as possible.

We'll do a much more detailed post on the this side of things soon but here's a few brief technical points about the site:

  • Developed on Craft CMS because, well we're talking Craft here guys
  • Built for speed and is pretty well as fast as we can possibly get it running (And we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make it quicker)
  • Hardcore caching
  • Instant.page integration
  • Lots more nerdy stuff

To take this one step further, we're looking at moving this website to 'headless' and build the frontend as a single page application (SPA).


Optimsing dev team

Some thank you's

This exercise was a real team effort and I would like to thank a few people specifically:

  • Simon for all his hard work with a challenging build
  • Dan for his assistance with the PM and technical edits
  • Nathan for his help with content
  • Shane for the amazing design work
  • Jason from Murbu for his initial and ongoing design work that helped mould our final product

What do you think?

Obviously we’re a little biased, but we love the new brand and website.

We’d love to hear your thoughts or feedback. Feel free to reach out to me directly on james@optimising.com.au.

James Richardson

Sales & Marketing Director | Co-Founder

Working in the SEO industry for many years alongside some of Australia’s biggest brands, James started his online career running online Sports Fan sites, as well as cutting his teeth on several successful eCommerce brands and content sites.

Previously holding various senior roles across the Sales and Marketing teams for ASX listed companies, he went on to found Optimising with Daniel and is proud he has helped mould it into one of Melbourne’s leading SEO agencies.

When he’s not in the office he’s at home having pretend tea parties, or building a cubby house in the lounge room with his three young girls.

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