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Meet the Team: Isabelle

Photo of Niamh O'Higgins

Niamh O'Higgins

Content Specialist

Posted: 30 Jan 2024

Get to know Isabelle; a multi-talented SEO Executive and Student

Isabelle tells us about her busy schedule and how she balances work and uni, along with her other commitments and interests.

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What brought you to Optimising?

I’m studying for my Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University right now, so I've actually come to Optimising through their professional placement program. I met James and Amy from Optimising at a networking event that’s held to help us find our work placement. I was really nervous because those events can be pretty intimidating, so I went in with questions prepared. Afterwards, I researched Optimising a bit more, and then reached out to see about doing my placement here. I’m actually finishing up that placement soon, but I’ll be staying with Optimising part-time while I finish off my degree this year which is super exciting!

Was SEO something you were specifically interested in at that time?

Not so specifically, but I’ve always wanted to work in something that’s creative but still structured, and I think I’ve found that in SEO. There are plenty of opportunities for me to get creative and use my own initiative to problem solve, but there’s still a path to follow with each project.

Doing uni and working, how do you balance it all?

That’s definitely a tricky one, and it can be hard to keep on top of. I’ve found that using calendars and proper planning are the best ways for me to manage everything. At the start of the month, I get all of my calendars out and make daily schedules. I block out hours for certain tasks, and I always make sure to keep my Sundays plan-free so I can do whatever I want. Sometimes it’s catching up on things from the week, and sometimes it’s just hanging out, but I think it’s really important to have a day each week that’s kept free.

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Outside of work and uni, what else do you like to spend your time doing?

I also work as a dance teacher too- I started as an assistant dance teacher for my first paying job when I was only 13 or 14. My big sister was a dance teacher then as well, so of course I wanted to follow in her footsteps!

I’m also really interested in interior design; I love having that as a creative outlet. I’m actually doing a diploma in interior design at the moment, it’s online and self-paced which is perfect for me. I always like to be learning!

How would you describe Optimising in one word?


What’s your favourite thing about in-office days?

It sounds silly, but I really like just getting to talk to people in the office, and having lunch together. It’s always such a mood booster because everyone here is so sweet and talkative- it’s a nice change from work from home days. It really switches the day up and makes the commute to the office well worth it.

How would you describe your role in one word?

Challenging… but in a good way.

What would you consider your biggest challenge in work?

Probably setting boundaries. I think that as someone who’s new in the industry, there’s so much to learn, and it can be easy to say “yes” to all of these opportunities, both to learn and to help out in getting it done. Over the last year at Optimising, I’ve gotten better at prioritising quality, and perfecting what I’m currently working on before taking on more before I’m ready.

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Do you have any productivity hacks that help to motivate?

I like to take little breaks throughout the day to help with concentration when I’m at my laptop. Working from home, I’ll play with my puppy too. To break up the afternoon, I love my 3:30 pm snack break, it's good to step away and re-energize!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

In the wise words of Optimising's General Manager;

You don’t know what you don’t know
Dan M

It’s ok not to know everything, and just be willing to learn, and it’s important not to let fear of the unknown stop you from doing something you want to do.

Photo of Niamh O'Higgins

Niamh O'Higgins

Content Specialist

From Dublin to Melbourne, Niamh has taken her content journey international. After gaining her degree in Linguistics and dabbling in some other European languages, she decided English was where she could use her words best. Completing a Diploma in Marketing, Advertising, and E-Commerce, and adding a splash of Project Management on the side, Niamh dove into the world of content writing, and hasn’t looked back since.

When she isn’t in the Optimising office having coffee and a treat, she can often be found in South Yarra, having coffee and a treat. She’s also partial to some pilates, a gym class, or an evening stroll (if the Melbourne weather permits).


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