I don't know about you, but when LinkedIn launched their ad platform in Beta a year or so ago, I was pretty excited. The potential at targeting professionals with high accuracy had plenty of potential. 

After trialling and running a few campaigns I realised that it was:

  1. WAY too expensive cost per click (To an unrealistic level)
  2. Very low click through rates (If you thought Facebook was low, you have seen nothing! In the past few weeks, the LinkedIn Ads platform has come out of Beta and with it has launched some cool new features which show they are listening, and trying to make it better for us, the advertisers.


Target by Current Job Title. 

  • Now you can select exact job titles to build a more precise audience. Add up to 100 job titles in each campaign.

Target by Company Name. 

  • Narrow your audience to just people who work in the companies or organisations you name.

Target Members of LinkedIn Groups. 

  • Build an audience by choosing among thousands of groups: industry groups, interest-based groups, and even alumni groups.

Millions of New People to Target. 

  • In just the past 3 months, 7 million people have join LinkedIn which means that you have more customers to reach with your ads. LinkedIn is a great platform for business networking. It's too early to tell how well this newly launched ad platform will work for everyone. I'll certainly be giving this new system a go. If you've had experience or success - I'd love to hear from you