SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is a really important factor to consider when you are crafting new content. Content is king, is what they say, so it's important your kings crown is nicely polished so it gets noticed. While you need to write with your readers in mind, you can make some small tweaks to this method, which will dramatically improve your content visibility to the search engines. 

The basics of Search Engine Optimisation are "keywords" and "key phrases". These are terms you will hear a lot if you are using a company to help your SEO efforts. These keywords can be anything from "plumber" to "real estate agent in townhouses in Brighton". 

The basic pretext behind good SEO is to write your content in a natural way which incorporates the keywords so that it reads flawlessly, and is attracting and seen as relevant to the search engines. Sound easy? Yes and no. The biggest challenge is finding the right balance. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing your way to the top of the search engines, Google is smarter than that. 

The challenge with search engine optimised content is that you don't want to sound obvious when using keywords. Many people, when reading, register words and subconsciously count the amount of times they're being used. 


We have broken down the steps to writing content with SEO in mind:

Be Clear: 

Don't lose the meaning of your content through trying to add an extra keyword. There is no point getting visitors to your content if what they will read does not make sense.


Be sure to space your keywords out across the entire article. This will be less obvious to your readers.

Add Keywords Naturally: 

Make sure you do have the keywords you want your article to rank for inside the article a few times, as well as related keywords.

Internal Linking: 

Add links using keywords within the article to other relevant pieces of content on your website. This helps your site as a whole and proves relevance.


It's really that easy. Not sure where to start? Or need some carefully crafted SEO Copy? We can help you out. Give us a buzz!