Typically Australia is one of the countries where Google's new features get rolled out to virtually last, but today we have received Google Shopping Australia. Google Shopping allows users to use Google's familiar search engine interface to navigate through products and find the cheapest prices. This works particularly well for common items where multiple retailers sell them - e.g. a specific camera model.


How do I use Google Shopping?

Just enter in the product name (e.g. "Canon Powershot SX30") as you normally would into www.google.com.au . You can then click the Shopping tab on the left hand side to switch to Shopping mode. The first result Google gives you is usually one about the exact product with specifications, reviews and photos. You will then see a list of all the stockists and their individual prices below list.

How do I get my products into Google Shopping?

You will need to sign in to your Google Merchant account using your normal Google Account. From here you can submit an XML feed of all of your products of which Google will pick up and add to it's shopping index. Depending on how many products you have, it might take a few hours for Google to process all of your items. The default required fields are; ID, Title, Link, Price, Description and Condition. There are also additional fields you can add including Photo URL, Size, Colour, Shipping, Stock, Availability, Category and more. Once your products have been imported into Google, they are then reviewed and made live on their Google Shopping Australia website for your potential customers to find. *How do I get the best exposure on Google Shopping Australia?  There are a few key points to help you stand out from the crowd:

  • Photo: make sure you have a clear photo on a white background. A soft drop shadow also helps.
  • Title: be sure to match the exact product model number in your description. And use proper capitalisation - e.g. "Canon PowerShot SX 120 IS Digital Camera"
  • Description: list all of the popular features of your product that customers are looking for
  • XML Attributes: it helps by adding as many as you can; colours, sizes, shipping prices etc.

What does this mean for your business?

More business, more opportunity, but more work. As with all Google efforts, we know this product has a good chance of success (ok, ignoring Google Wave and Google Buzz), so going early and going strong at getting your products listed on Google Shopping is the smart thing for online merchants to do. Looking to optimise your Google Shopping feed? We'll let you in on those secrets shortly...

Need help setting up Google Shopping for your e commerce website? We can do everything from getting you listed, go Google Shopping Optimisation. Call and speak to us on 1300 171 005. If your based in Melbourne, we will even come to you!