In whats is a welcome relief for everyone in the online industry, Microsoft has announced that it to, thinks its time for IE6 to be shown the door, with the launch of a new website 'Internet Explorer 6 Countdown'.

On its new website,, Microsoft is making its most concentrated effort yet to get users to move away from the decade-old browser. As the site says in its preamble, "10 years ago a browser was born. …It's time to say goodbye." 

The goal of the website is to get Internet Explorer 6 usage to drop to less than 1% worldwide. Current IE 6 usage on a global level is 12% — though in many parts of the world, that figure is less than 5%. In the U.S., Net Application's most recent numbers indicate that 2.9% of web users are still using IE 6. 

That's a great start. The website has links to reasons why users should upgrade, documentation for corporate networks that need to migrate to a new browser and banners that webmasters can embed in their sites, alerting users that they should upgrade. 

This is all well and good, but we sure hope that there is a multi-lingual version of this campaign. We say that because the bulk of iE 6 usage comes from China, where 34.5% of users are still on IE 6. South Korea, India, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam also still report more than 10% IE 6 usage.


What do you think? Are you still using IE6 and determined not to change? Here at Optimising SEO and Website design, we are VERY pleased to hear about this initiative-as all developers know, IE6 will keep you up very late at night.