A campaign landing page is the intermediate destination for visitors who click on Internet marketing links anywhere: email, search, referrals, etc. Companies use the landing page to gather information (such as name, email address, source of awareness) from potential customers. For their part, prospects affirm their interest in the information offered without needless exposure to extraneous information such as the rich content on the main company web page..


What are the best ways to get good results from my landing page?

According to recent studies, a website has only eight seconds to make a good impression on a visitor. A focused landing page that reiterates strong selling points while telling the consumer exactly what is required of them to receive the information they seek makes all the difference between a visit and a sale. Secondly, winning campaign landing pages capture the attention of consumers by re-creating the look and feel of that email, display ad or other marketing channel that provoked their interest. Keep the form short, limited to the essentials. A good basic landing page form need only ask for the person's name, email address, and possibly home phone numbers. But if you really have to have extensive background information (like banks, credit card issuers, beta test sites, a university processing applicants, and job sites), do the next best thing by separating the long form into manageable chunks on different pages. Build in transitions like "10 questions to go, 5 items left". Offer an incentive or premium. Be effusive about how you appreciate their cooperation.

Are there any other things I should do?

Make sure your call to action is prominent. Reinforce with benefits, more benefits and still more benefits. This is true whether you are in a B2B or B2C situation. Lay the assurances on thick, especially if calling for a high-involvement, high-risk and premium-priced buy. Consider endorsements, contact information for the company Chairman and assurances by experts. Selling cosmetic surgery is way different from hawking a widget. In this day and age of cable internet and DSL, provide illustrations, diagrams, charts, and pictures to save your potential customer from having to absorb long blocks of text. Above all, remember to engage your brand-new prospect. Get down and personal. Talk one-on-one. Follow these guidelines, get a superb designer on your side and you will be well on the way to an effective landing page!