We all know Bing has been making some big waves in the Search Engine game. They have of late been doing a stellar job of chasing down the Google Giant, with latest numbers showing a 30% market share of the US Search game. This week, they have announced some cool changes to the Bing Webmaster Tools interface.

The site redesign makes it easier for you to find content, tools and data to help meet your needs. Our new features include expanded functionality, and the data that coincides with these new features. 

With over 40 new self-help documents on hand, publishers now have access to a wide range of help and guidance content across various topics such as how to use our tools and search engine optimisation.

Some of the cool updates include:

  1. Crawl delay configurable by the hour Control when and at what pace Bing crawls your website
  2. User and role management Control who can access your Bing Webmaster account and what functions they can use
  3. Index Explorer Improvements to reliability and how fast data appears in your reports
  4. URL Normalisation Manage which URLs from your site Bing holds in its index
  5. Deep Links Management Manage which deep links are shown for your website, when your domain is selected To see first hand the new content, visit Bing Webmaster Tools to see the new features in your account, and to access the new content.

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