Statistics show that compared to Google, Bing has gained almost a third of the search engine market share. What better time to start spending some really time getting your website right for Bing than now. Here is a brief analysis of the steps I recommend for website SEO for Bing - from my viewpoint as a SEO Professional.

Bing SEO Resources

Prior to undertaking your website optimisation in accordance with Bing peculiarities, it is worth researching the SEO resources that Bing offers: there is a variety of blogs and forums, especially in the field of SEO.

Tools Facilitating SEO

To obtain a prediction of your site demographics, there are the extra features in the recently launched Bing Webmaster Tools: the enhanced interface and the "Audience Intelligence" metrics, immensely useful for site demographics prediction. Bing Webmaster Tools is definitely more evolved as a toolkit in site optimisation. 

Differences Between Bing SEO and Google SEO

A tool which can help you to make conclusions about the ways in which to optimise your website on the basis of comparisons of search results is the Bingle tool. It enables site owners to compare results for a term they are searching side by side, notice differences in results and make conclusions from there.

Less Importance Of Backlinks in Bing

When considering how your site will fare with respect to backlinks, the number of links that point to a particular web site, bear in mind that with Bing top search results have fewer backlinks than with major search engines like Google.

Page Rank Is Less Important in Bing

With respect to search engine result page ranking (SERPs), Bing regularly shows relevant searches with a lower Google PageRank amongst the top results. So when optimising your web site to feature high on Bing, this is another peculiarity to take into account.

Less Importance of Fresh Content in Bing

Yet another peculiarity of Bing is that the fresh content of pages is not of as significant as in Google, and regularly updated and fresh content will not always contribute to better rankings.

Flash Content Matters More in Bing

If you have Flash content on your pages, this is a definite edge. On Bing search results, Flash designed pages are featured very well. *Inbound Anchor Text Is More Important in Bing Anchor text, a significant factor for SEO, is of enormous significance with Bing. In terms of page authority, web pages of authoritative organisations ending in .gov, .edu, etc. are given prominence on Bing, as they come out as the usually the most reliable sources in web searches.

SEO Toolkit for Bing

The Internet Information Services SEO Toolkit developed by Microsoft for Bing can be used for the improvement of the SEO of a website, which in turn greatly improves it's ranking on Bing. Included there are site analysis, sitemaps, site index functions, to name but a few: especially nifty for sorting out and optimising your site. Finally, the Bing Keyword Tool, which is a free online tool, is tremendously efficient in checking keywords. Bottom Line for Successful Bing SEO

The new kid on the block, Bing, boasts SEO friendly features and is becoming increasingly popular as a search engine. In addition to universal SEO principles, the above peculiarities are paramount for the achievement of successful SEO for websites on Bing.Do it properly and you will be one step ahead of your competitors.