Honestly. The way some people (read:everyone I know) carry on, you'd think that iPhone's were the only Smartphone legally and morally permissible. You could even be forgiven for thinking that, like the INXS Kick album*, every Australian household had received one as standard issue in the post.

New data compiled by new kids on the block Telsyte, an emerging technology research firm, proves that this simply isn't the case. For the first time since God (Steve Jobs) decreed that 'Thou Shalt Conduct One's Life Via Smartphone', Google's Android operating system now outnumbers Apple's iOS based iPhone device. The numbers aren't startling; 44 percent to Android, 43 percent to iOS.


It is, however, the first time Android has been able to lay claim to the largest stake in the smartphone market. So what might account for this shift toward the Android? The Telsyte research demonstrates that lower prices, faster product cycles, and carrier support are the primary factors working in the Android's favour. 

Apple should certainly be breaking a bit of a sweat over this one, however they can at least content themselves with the knowledge that they still have the highest repeat purchase intention among customers. Which, loosely translated, means; once an iPhone user, always an iPhone user.

Which is more than can be said for INXS fans. The Telsyte research additionally shows that the high lock-in rates of some vendors mean it's impossible to predict whether the Android or the iPhone will win out amongst those not yet using smartphones. 

For now, Android should be proud to have (I'm sorry, I cannot resist this terrible pun) taken a little bite out of a giant Apple. 

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