In another life I was running a small online business selling physical products online. After being quite successful for a time, I got ahead of myself and splashed on a fancy new website design. 

The thought of getting a new website can strike fear in the eyes of any business owner. It can be a process involving much time, thought, ideas, and most importantly, money. Therefore, its important you don't make this decision haste, consider all the factors, and if you still think your website isn't stacking up or performing the way it should-get going!


How fresh does it feel? 

Does your site still accurately represent what your company is about? Does it feel a bit stale like it was designed in the early nineties? It's time for change!

Has you site moved with you?

When you first build a site, it fits you like a glove. As a business gets older, expands and becomes more successful, things like product, direction, and upgrades, need to be reflected on the website. If your website cannot grow with your business, its time to revisit it and start fresh.

Does your website still appeal to your target market?

When we start a company, the customers you are targeting may be a certain demographic. With time and product evolution, a different market may emerge with an entirely different set of needs and wants. Is your website still hitting the spot with your market?

Can you squeeze social media in there?

Social media is a no brainer. It should be utilised by all business in some way or another (The platform depends on your customer), but does your website allow you to integrate this technology? Can your users easily share your news on Twitter and become a fan of you on Facebook? If the answer is no, its time for a website that is Social Media ready.

Did your website jump out of a time machine? 

If your website has any of the following, do not delay, its time for a new website design:

  • Flash Navigation or all flash website
  • Animated Gifs
  • Javascript Scrolls
  • Comic Sans Font

With the changing online landscape, having a website that keeps up with the jones' is very important. Online is such an important medium to all business so be sure that you stay up to date.