Google was born a game changer. Google started by changing the way we searched for things, they changed the way we advertise online, they changed the way we searched for directions, they changed the way we use email, they changed the way we monitor our website traffic, and that's only the start of it. Competitors have come and gone, some have lasted, but none have overtaken (yet). 

Minus a few exceptions, Google hits a home run with every pitch, so as a business, staying on top of the latest Google changes is one of the most valuable things you can do as a small business. Google has been busy recently, and keeping up with them all has been hard for even me, and it's my only job!

Google Shopping

Google Shopping Australia is going to change the way people buy products online. With customers able to see product images, prices and descriptions of EXACTLY what they are searching for within the actual search results, is cutting out an entire step in the process and bringing you a step closer to a sale. 

Get Google shopping right and your products ranking and you will have a very successful business. We recently did a quick guide to Google Shopping Australia, and are currently running some tests on Google Shopping Optimisation techniques, so stay tuned!

Google Maps Changes

Google Maps is becoming more of a powerhouse in search every day. A very common sentiment from my customers is, they actually get much more traffic from a top Google Maps result, than for a top Organic Google Ranking (this varies obviously). 

Recently Google has been playing around with how they display Google Maps, and the line is continuing to blur between a Google Maps result and an organic result - it's often possible to confuse them - even for me! If you are not ranking on Google Maps for your geographic area, you are missing out some highly targeted customers.

Google +1

Released recently as a competitor to the Facebook Like button, Google now allows users to '+1' any search result they find. Although not yet tied directly into their magic search algorithm, I am sure it is only a matter of time Google starts to use this data in its ranking algorithm as it is the ultimate real person relevancy test.

Google is ever-evolving. Do your best to keep up with the search giant and you will hold your business in good stead. If you're too busy, just keep an eye on this blog - we've got you back!