With all the websites I run personally I need two basic things to increase my ranking:

  • more relevant content
  • more good quality links Not having all the time in the world, I sometimes find it hard if I have to do this all myself, so lets get some else to do the work for us.

Get more content

Any social strategy is about building a community around your website, so use your own real world network of businesses, clients and social media contacts for relevant content by opening up you blog to their opinions, editorials or articles they've written. You get some great content for your website that will be indexed by Google, and in return, you give these individuals a link back of their choice-every one wins.

Get more links

When you need links for your own website, You just need to do the opposite. Find other businesses with a complimentary offering and write them some great topical content for their readers. When searching for guest posting opportunities or guest posters, you have loads of options:

  • Google is great for this, just search for something like "[Your niche] blog" and you will be presented with a huge array of options.
  • Social media: Put a call out on your social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr ect...
  • Guestr.com Marketplace: A more recent option is Guestr.com, a new website which is a market place designed to encourage guest posters and guest posting opportunities.


When you write a guest post for another website, you are also going a long way to building more credibility for you brand and bring in more relevant traffic.

Sounds easy right? It is, so what are you waiting for? If you would like to write a post for our website, contact us, we'd love to get you on board.