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RCS is the new SEO

Posted on January 01, 2014

'RCS' is a term coined by Wil Reynolds over at Seer Interactive in the US. The (censored) acronym stands for ‘Real Company Stuff‘. You can watch his full presentation here.

Gone are the days of just writing X articles per month, doing Y directory submissions per month and creating Z fake social bookmarking per month. (Google is much smarter than this anyway..)

RCS is moving SEO back to more traditional marketing and PR. And in return for your efforts, getting those SEO-benefits. Google is favouring big brands more than ever, so there is no better time to become the authority in your industry.

Here are some good examples of RCS in the wild:


Start a mini-conference about your industry. Keep it unbiased, invite competitors and you can still become the authority figure in your industry.

Start a Survey

Survey customers in your industry, collate and share the results for free. Other business blogs will share your content on social media and link to it from their blogs.


Give out awards to other websites for a topic. The winners will link back to your awards page.

Networking Breakfasts/Lunches

Hold a local networking event. It doesn’t have to be weekly, it could be a yearly one. This will get plenty of social media attention.

Starting an Acronym!

I guess Wil has got a LOT of SEO benefit from coining this term in the industry and starting the trend.

Remember, you don't need to use these ideas, the possibilities are endless!

We have been rolling RCS out for our clients, and getting them more involved in the previous few months, and getting some amazing results directly from this.

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Since then, he has run several online businesses including boutique eCommerce stores and large online communities, so he understands the issues Australian businesses face every day.

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