Over the past few days we have seen some big changes to Facebook, which have improved many aspects of the user experience, especially when it comes to sharing and consuming the content. 

So how do all the services perform? Is it Twitter, Google Plus, or Facebook which bring the best ROI to content that is put out in the world wide web? Kevin Rose, founder of Digg and serial entrepreneur and investor, recently ran some tests using his own fan base, which bring with it some really interesting results: Wow, 17hrs later, here are the stats on my click-through experiment.

My audience

Twitter: 1.2M followers Google Plus: 128k followers Facebook: 235k subscribers


Twitter: 5,391 Google Plus: 2,513 _Facebook: _8,356 The above numbers show that Facebook users are very willing to engage with content. 

Will these stats change the way you spread your content or message?