Discount Codes are one of the great marketing tools available to online stores. Once online shoppers add their items to the shopping cart, the discount code is entered and the user gets a discount on their items. It's simple and effective. 

The discount can work in a variety of ways including:

  • % of cart price discount, 5-10%
  • $ Value off, $10-$20 off
  • Free Options, like Shipping or Insurance.

They can get a little more complex, but you get the idea. This week, launched a great email campaign that showed how getting creative with discount codes can push online sales. They sent a unique discount code that ranged between $5 and $500 value.

The users just had to; 

  1. Visit
  2. Fill their cart with items & continue to checkout
  3. Proceed to payment & enter their discount code
  4. Press 'Use Certificate' to see their unique discount value. YOUR GIFT CARD NO. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

The genius of doing this kind of promotion is it:

  • rewards loyal and regular customers
  • builds up an attachment to the product, in claiming the reward, the user must fill and complete a cart, so they might buy the products even without a discount
  • builds anticipation and open rates for current and future email campaigns.

Seen anything like this before? We'd love to hear about it!