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The Green Warrior

Posted on May 12, 2015

Almost every employee, myself included, has been in serious trouble with the boss this month.

However, it's had nothing to do with work or client satisfaction. Operations Director, Daniel, has launched a one-man Kony 2012-style offensive against rubbish! I hate to admit it, but he has a point. Our waste bins have long been overflowing with coffee cups, Curly Wurly wrappers, banana peels and junk mail (real-world junk mail) - and that's embarrassingly wasteful.

To snap us into line, he's purchased twin EcoBin recycling and landfill bins for each workstation. We'd love to say this simple addition changed our habits overnight, but it's actually taken a little time for some of us to get used to. We all knew that paper was recyclable, but what about paper bags with small food scraps on them? Or broken glass? Or foam packaging? The answers are 'yes', 'no' and 'no' by the way.

Lachie can't shoot hoopsLachie getting some much needed basketball practise

It turns out 'going green' is not just about buying a yellow bin, it's an ongoing education. There are now signs in our kitchen, and our group chat application, Slack, now has a dedicated 'recycling' channel, where we post questions about what we can and can't chuck away. There are bigger plans for the future too; we're now recycling 'soft plastics' separately and planning to start a compost heap on our rooftop!

We've also switched to a greener electricity company called Powershop, we're using KeepCups for our takeaway coffee, and buy our afternoon snacks in bulk to save packaging and money.

Sure, none of these are massive changes, but collectively they make a decent impact. So here's the part where I'll preach. Is recycling at your work a token effort, or do all of your colleagues do their part for the environment?

The biggest thing I've learned in this process is that a lot more materials are recyclable than I first thought. If you take just a bit of time to look at your own workplace, perhaps you'll discover something different. It might be a report that doesn't need to be printed, a regular purchase you can change, or an incentive for your employees to ride to work.

Captain Planet

So go ahead and see what green opportunities you can find. Don't be fazed if your colleagues call you a 'hippie'. Captain Planet and the Optimising team are proud of you.

About the Author

Lachlan Wells

Digital Campaign Manager

Lachlan is an ex-sandgroper who traded the crystal blue waters of Cottesloe Beach for the dreary grey skies of Melbourne. Thankfully, his role as Digital Content Marketer at Optimising, as well as the opportunity to go out on a Monday night, is making it all worthwhile.

After completing a Marketing degree, he started his career in the print heavy world of recruitment advertising (a lot's changed since 2007). As an Account Manager, his job was to become an expert in his client's business, which ranged from global gold mining companies to small independent schools.

In the last few years, he has levelled-up his nerd credentials and creative writing skills in AFA AWARD School. He could care less about AFL, he's too busy worrying about content for his clients.

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