Some interesting numbers just released in the US, according to web analytics firm Statcounter, Bing has just registered its first in market share since launch day, losing 1% of the search market in the US during September 2009. Market share fell from 8.51% to 9.64% in August. Yahoo also showed a decline going from 9.40 % to 10.50 % during the same month.

Bing has prided itself on fast growth and hussle, with this decline the question must be asked, was Bing just a small blip on the radar of Google dominance?

It will come as no surprise, the lucky recipient of those two search market share points! As per StatsCounter the Data is based on an analysis of 4.6 billion search engine referring clicks (1.1 billion from the US) which were collected during the period September 2008 to September 2009 from the StatsCounter network of over three million websites. 

Is Bing here to stay? And how much longer can Yahoo keep up in the game? See our previous post on 'Bing GAINING market share in Australia...'


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