If you were a Meldium customer, you would have woken up to this email this morning:

"Today, LogMeIn is announcing plans to retire Meldium from its current line of products. We understand this may present challenges for you, but you don’t have to go just yet – your Meldium account will remain active until July 5, 2017 – and we have an alternative solution for your password needs."

Ever since Meldium was bought out by LogMeIn in 2014 it has been going downhill. The product was never improved, the speed of the app slowed to a crawl and their support got worse.

It originally started as a great product that could log into websites remotely, and push the 'session' back to the user. Therefore, the user never actually saw the password. This was some great functionality for teams that didn't want to hand out client passwords.

So, what are my options now?


Meldium are recommending everyone switch to LassPass, because they own them too. So make sure LastPass is actually right for your team before switching.

It is USD$3/user/month when billed monthly. You should never put a price on your security, but this can quickly add up for a small team - over AUD$500/year for a small team of 10.

1Password Teams

1Password has had the best password management desktop app for a long time now, and introduced their cloud Teams product last year. You also get a license for the desktop app included with each Teams member.

They write great content on their blog, and first to launch features such as Touch ID on the Macbook Pro.


Perhaps you don't need individual user permissions for your team, and happy to just have 1 'vault' for all of your users?

Then check out KeeWeb with desktop apps for every platform, open-source code and even a neat web interface for accessing passwords remotely.