With so many online marketing tools available at our disposal, it's easy to let them get neglected. Unfortunately with online marketing's ability to cast such a wide net, the ramifications of a stale online presence are far greater than anything you may do offline. 

Over the holidays, I invite you to spend a little time on some easy but valuable improvements to breathe life into your online marketing.



Get REALLY good at social media 

Connect with your customers like never before by leading your market in the use of social media (look no further than Twitter, Facebook and blogging). 

Most businesses don't dedicate the resources to social media that it deserves (I admit, we're guilty of that as well), but brands that use social media to it's fullest are the some of the most popular, referable and engaging around. 

Rebrand your newsletter 

Most of us are so used to mundane newsletters that we automatically tune the word out out. Put an interesting spin on your newsletter by rebranding it. A named newsletter is more easily referable, stands out and gives your online marketing a bit of extra personality.

Brush up on your SEO 

Just getting a few key things right in Search Engine Optimisation can have a dramatic effect on your SEO. If you don't have the budget to invest in hiring a SEO agency to get the most out of your search engine rankings, then at the very least take the time to learn some yourself and implement what you can. 

If you're not ranking well, you have nothing to lose and an incredible amount to gain.

Improve your website content 

Evaluate your website through the eyes of a critical customer. Does it easily answer the main questions that your customers have? Does it look and feel like your other marketing activities? Does it have clear calls to action or does it struggle to convert visitors into customers?

Cut down on your AdWords spend 

Did you know that a significant portion of most AdWords budgets is wasted? Adding a variety of negative keywords helps you to eliminate costly clicks from customers who aren't looking to make a purchase.

Mike Halligan is the founder and chief marketer at Engage Marketing, small business marketing specialists to businesses around Australia. He consults and blogs on marketing ideas that are low on cost and high on creativity.