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10 Best Session Summaries from Pubcon Vegas 2011

Posted on January 01, 2014

So we're a week back from our big trip over to Las Vegas to attend this years Pubcon. For those of you who don't know, Pubcon is a biggest event on the SEO calendar. With over 2000 attendees, amazing speakers from around the world, and a world class venue, as an SEO Company, it's an event we just could not afford to miss. We went to a wide variety of sessions, and leanrt way more than we could have imagined. We would have loved to bring you all with us, but we only had a 20KG luggage allowance, so we've done the next best thing-here is a list of our favourite 10 session summaries from Pubcon 2011.

154 Awesome Pubcon 2011 Takeaways Tips & Tweets *Kevin Gibbons, founder of SEOptimise had put together a great resource of his top takeaways form pubcon. If you need a quick summary of all the key learnings, you have found it! Read full post *24 Takeaways from the Matt Cutts keynote *At the second day of Pubcon, Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal, two key members of Google's search team, took the stage to talk about Google search, and answer questions from web masters. Read full post *Pubcon Vegas 2011 Presentations online What better way to relive Pubcon 2011 than to browse through the presentations online-it will be like you are actually there! Here is a great cllection of the known presentation online.

Read full post *Pubcon Catchup by SEJ *Search Engine Journal has put together a great resource of everything available online from Pubcon Vegas 2011. From presentations to slides, they have a great selection. Read full post *PubCon: Latest SEO Topics & Trends with Greg Boser *Greg Boser, the SVP of Search for BlueGlass Interactive and former president of 3 Dog Media, spoke about latest SEO trends. Read full post *Smart Organic Keyword Research *How do you narrow down the keywords you want to target from thousands of options? And most of all-which ones convert? Wil Reynolds, Mark Barrera, Craig Paddock, and Carolyn Shelby all spoke about this at Pubcon 2011. Read full post *SEO for E-commerce Sites *E-commerce sites, are all about conversions and sales. How can you use SEO effectively to boost results. Rob Snell and Ethan Giffin spoke at length about this at Pubcon.

Read full post *Building Links with maximum benefit and minimum risk *Loren Baker, the VP of marketing at BlueGlass Interactive and founder of Search Engine Journal, spoke on a panel focused on building links for maximum benefit.

Read full post *Landing Page Optimisation Tips from Joanna Lord *Joanna Lord, Director of Customer Acquisition at, discussed how to produce the most from your landing pages. Read full post *27 Key Takeaways from Pubcon 2011 *Some great points from Search Rank on 27 best takeaways from the conference covering SEO, Social, and link building. Read full post

Over the next few weeks we'll be posting some of our notes from the event, so stay tuned. One thing we have already decided-we'll be going back next year! Pubcon Vegas 2012!

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