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We increased Organic Traffic 10x

Part of a household brand name, Jim’s Trees has more than 50 franchises around Australia.

Being a franchise model brings with it many challenges and opportunities, and when National Franchisor, Niko Kurta came to us - we knew how we could make a difference.

Jim’s Trees had a long history of SEO before they came to us, they had dominated early before working with some agencies and seeing organic results suffer due to bad practices.

jims tree and stump removal website screenshot

The Challenge

jims tree and stump removal website on iphone

When we began the campaign in 2019, the campaign was in a very bad state:

  • Organic traffic down more tha half of where it was in previous years
  • Spending more than ever on Google Ads and Facebook to maintain lead levels required by the franchisees
  • Google My Business listings (50+) in a state of suspension for various reasons

Our directive was to fix all the issues preventing Jim’s Trees from its rightful ranking positions, and allow them to reduce their reliance on Paid Ad channels.

Our Solution

jims tree removal website in search results icon graphic

Fixing this was not an overnight process - and this campaign was a real “slow and steady wins the ranks” battle.

If we were going to see a return to previous rankings and traffic, we had to ensure we resolved all the issues properly, and set ourselves a course for future growth.

We did this through:

  • Spending significant time resolving the GMB issues and getting all our previous listings re-enabled
  • Redoing a significant amount of On-Page SEO and bringing that up to modern SEO standards
  • Removing a significant amount of low performing pages (Deleting/Combining and redirecting)
  • Fixing the navigation and page hierarchy issues
  • Investing in a content plan and new content rollout that included rewrites of a significant number of existing pages, as well as ongoing blog and news style content

The strategy only worked due to a close relationship with the client, an experienced copywriter, and our internal development and design resources which we leaned heavily on throughout the initial stages.

The Result

To say this campaign has been successful is an understatement. 

Not only have we managed to solve the initial issues, but we have also managed to grow the site through continued On-Page and content strategies.

  • Current traffic is over 10x what it was prior to joining Optimising
  • Reduced PPC spend to $0 currently due to the significant increase in organic lead numbers and hitting a ceiling capacity wise
  • Due to a sustainable strategy employed, these are here for the long term
jims tree removal graphic explaining optimising generating 10x traffic

We value purpose over profit and take action.

Our values and beliefs have always set the tone and approach to our business. It's not just enough to grow as a company and produce profits, we have a global responsibility to make our economy more inclusive and sustainable. As both a B Corp and a member of 1% for the planet, we have further cemented this purpose within our organisation.

However, our work isn't done quite yet. For Optimising, this is simple the start of our journey towards building a better business and world!

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