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80% of Australians are on Social Media, and a quarter of those use it to follow brands and businesses. What are you doing to engage with them? Facebook has over 15 million users in Australia alone—this translates to over 60% of the population. The social media ads landscape is something businesses can’t afford to ignore any longer.

Bigger audience, less effort

Advertising on platforms that everyone engages on

With so many platforms to choose from, it can be confusing to know where to get started. When coming up with Social Media strategies, it’s important to identify the channel that fits your objectives and the product or service you are selling. 

Want to advertise to 40-60 year olds in Melbourne that like homewares? Facebook Ads can help. 

Have an email marketing list? You can not only target those users, but those of a similar profile on Facebook and Insta. 

We can also run remarketing where ads are displayed to those who have visited the site and not converted, or even just a campaign to grow your brand’s audience through more likes.

The Optimising Social Media Ads Team

Grow fast and get the edge on your competitors

We approach Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn Advertising like we do with all our services; prioritising human thought alongside an ever-growing suite of available technology  to ensure we’re targeting the right audiences, with the right message to create a happy mix of loyal new clients, and customers.

Our team has experience running campaigns for small businesses, right up to large enterprise and ecommerce.

We have the skills and experience to take your campaign to the next level.

Manage your online campaigns effectively

Maximum return for your advertising budgets

You can manage what followers see and when they see it, as well as track results to see what works with different interactions. Any promotion, offer or campaign will have a greater impact as followers and fans can share your content. This is where you truly see the power of social media take shape. Anything you post can get liked and shared, with those results being instantly trackable with compelling content getting lots of engagement, while boring and unoriginal posts go ignored.

Advertising options on social media are efficient and cost-effective because of your ability to target with such detail. You can't do that with a billboard! You can target locations, demographics, interest groups and reach new potential customers through sponsored messages and paid advertisements on social media channels. 

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What Social Platforms do we work with?

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, & more

We offer consulting, strategy and ongoing management services to small businesses who are unsure of how to handle their social media, or who simply want to get more out of their social media by improving their approach. 

Chances are that social media advertising has a greater possibility for your business than you think! Here are just a few of the things we can manage for you:

Facebook Ads

Your business has to be visible where your customers are, but even more important than that, it should be visible where new and potential customers are. Effective marketing isn’t a spray-bullet approach, it’s an exercise in targeting who your consumers are, and then creatively reaching out to them.

But most businesses and marketers advertising on Facebook and Instagram can really struggle for ROI. The vast amount of tools, approaches and techniques can become a money pit, unless you’ve the time and budget for infinite testing. 

As someone (probably) once said "with great data - comes great complications!"

The team at Optimising have the experience and skillset to make your campaign work - all of our Facebook advertising campaigns involve demographic research, copywriting, graphic design, and conversion tracking, to make sure your campaign is running at its most optimal level.

Instagram Ads

With over 8 Million (and growing!) active users each month in Australia, Instagram is a fantastic marketing channel for many businesses.

Similar to Facebook (and managed through the same platform), you have a wide variety of targeting options that ensure your ads only appear in front of the most relevant users.

All our Instagram advertising campaigns involve demographic research, copywriting, graphic design, and conversion tracking, to make sure your campaign is running at its most effective.

Facebook and Instagram Remarketing

Remarketing on Facebook and Instagram is a great thing for small businesses. Basically, it works the same way as other sorts of Remarketing. If a visitor comes to your site and learns about your products, but leaves before purchasing, we can display your advertisement to that same user on Facebook and Instagram the next time they log in. 

This form of marketing gives you a second chance to appeal to customers who have not yet become customers, but are probably closer to a buying decision than those who have never seen your product before.

LinkedIn Ads

Just like its Facebook equivalent, LinkedIn advertising lets you display advertisements to potential customers based on a wide variety of demographic information to make sure your advertisement is only being shown to the most relevant users. If you want to reach professionals and career specialists, or if you just want to try a new platform, this is a great tool.

Why Social Media Ads?

Targeting, Cost effective, and Killer ROI

Pinpoint Targeting

One of the biggest advantages of advertising on social media is the ability to target potential customers with pinpoint accuracy. On Facebook & Instagram you can target users based on their location, age, gender, relationship status and their interests.

More Economical

Currently there are much smaller number of businesses using paid social media advertising which means that you don’t have to pay as much per click or per impression. Social media advertising is generally much more affordable than PPC, SEO or other digital channels.

Flexible Options

Social media offers very flexible options which allow businesses to choose from a range of unique promotional campaigns such as competitions and special discounts, in addition to traditional image and text advertising. It is also a great way to use non-standard creatives such as videos and apps which are more user-friendly and encourage engagement.


The benefits of a social media advertising campaign extend beyond the users that you have paid to reach. Users are far more likely to share content on social media than other platforms meaning that your business's content has the potential to reach a much larger audience through “organic” sharing.

Social Media Ads Case Studies

Learn how we take Social Ads to the next level

Optimising have been around since 2008. 

We've seen Social platforms come and go in that time, so we know where the smart channels to spend your budget are, and how to spend it.

What's our secret? A great team and great results...and some amazing clients.


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Social Media Ads FAQ

Facebook has more users, and therefore a wider reach, whereas Insta may be a better target for advertising to a younger demographic. 

It’s also about the creatives you’re using for your ads and your brand & industry - if you’re focussed around imagery, then your ads may be better suited to Instagram, but if you have important messages in your text, Facebook may be the better solution. 

On the other side of the fence is Linkedin which is the perfect channel if you are targeting enterprise customers, or in the B2B space.

The minimum Facebook ads budget is eith $1 per day, or twice your Cost Per Click.

But in practicality, your budget should be tailored in line with your goals and your industry.

For example, you may want to:

  • Grow your Facebook page’s followers to 1,000
  • Book 10 tours over the next month
  • Sell 50 shoes
  • Sign up 500 new email subscribers

Each of those will have a different cost associated with them.

In addition to that, your minimum budget will be affected by your niche/industry, depending on .

The entertainment industry has extremely low CPC and CPM. But a ‘boring’ industry, such as construction or law, usually have higher advertising costs. After all, people are on social media to connect and be entertained, not to find a lawyer.

It’s probably easier to answer the opposite. Some more ‘situational’ businesses like plumbers, electricians etc tend to get better value from Search marketing as people are further down the buying cycle and want something available and physically close at that precise point in time. Also, some very niche and B2B businesses can find it difficult if their offering can’t be targeted towards a specific demographic or interest. 

Also anything where your customers have an ongoing value (financial services, gyms, physio’s etc) as the cost per acquisition can be high from a conversion sense, and if you have a particularly fun/visually interesting offering (eg travel and hospitality), or have a particularly strong community (automotive, fashion, etc)

Sometimes? And depends on your outcomes/industry/audience/brand etc. 

They’re different platforms with a distinctly different approach. Facebook Ads are targeted using demographic and behavioural information, while Google search ads target by specific keywords. 

As a very general rule, Google target those further down the sales funnel and therefore is better for conversions, (though usually at a higher price than Facebook Ads), and Facebook can be better value in terms of reaching a wider audience, or if you’re promoting a new brand or product.  

Yes you do have to have a Facebook Business page to advertise on the platform, though you can funnel traffic through to your website, or a landing page rather than direct traffic to your Facebook page itself.

As with a lot of things with digital marketing - the answer is ‘it depends’! It depends on the definition of your conversion - eg is it a page visit? A purchase? A like? An email subscription?, your industry & client demographics, your creatives/message/offering, whether you’re doing remarketing, and the strength of your Facebook page, website and brand.

One major (US only) study from WordStream, showed an average of 9.21% for a conversion across all industries, but with each industry ranging from 0.7 to 14%, and .9% click-through rate (CTR) across all industries.  

Once more from the top - it depends! The cost per click/per impression depends on factors like the quality of the ad, how closely you define your audience, and the level of the competition/industry. On average, most of our clients pay between $2-$4 a click which is usually  lower than Google Ads. Those in the financial sector will pay more per click (closer to $5-8), compared to less competitive industries like retail, travel and clothing, who, although have cheaper costs per click ($2-$3) have much larger audiences, and therefore need to be managed carefully so as not to waste budgets. 

Most businesses we manage tend to spend an average of $900 to $2,200 per month ($30 - $65 per day) but of course you can tailor your ads to match any budget. 

Though LinkedIn Ads provides amazing targeting for a business audience, being able to target by industry, roles, company, and even interest groups, the privilege of doing so are fairly high in terms of costs per click (though can vary substantially depending on a few factors). You can generally expect to pay $7-$11 per click for most campaigns. 

It’s for this reason that although the lead quality is very high on LinkedIn, it is often better in terms of ROI for those companies that have a high value product (like SaaS firms) and it’s essential to have a strong offering/ad, and a landing page and/or site geared towards conversions. 

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