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'Real Company Stuff' (RCS) is a relatively new term in the SEO world - coined by Wil Reynolds in a landmark speech in July 2012, RCS stands for 'Real Company Stuff'.

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Optimising Director's with Wil Reynolds at PubCon 2015
Optimising Director's, James & Daniel, with Wil Reynolds himself at PubCon 2015

So, what exactly is RCS?

Eschewing the usual link-building/link-buying efforts of 'traditional' SEO, RCS is all about increasing your profile and ranking through unique quality content creation, fresh ideas and effective marketing campaigns - all of which are aimed to attract strong links and social signals of only the highest quality.

Google is all about quality over quantity. One good backlink outweighs 1,000 poor backlinks.

Creating content that people and relevant websites actually want to link to and share and helps, not poorly written articles that devalues your own brand and harms your rankings.

It's about doing things smarter - Google is too clever to manipulate with automated techniques now - and it's a waste of time and money to try. RCS is about creating a powerful brand online - as it's this, when combined with an effective website that will get your website recognised as best in breed.

Then how does Optimising use RCS?

Using RCS, link building should become part of your internal PR process. Besides our own efforts, Optimising may engage your in-house marketing resources to run specific marketing campaigns aimed at soliciting links. These may include pitching stories to journalists, surveys and reports, video content - the possibilities are many.

We are rolling out RCS for our SEO clients and getting some great results from our efforts. And while these manual processes means SEO is a lot harder now - we believe it's the only way forward to get the rankings our clients deserve. Please contact us to learn more about our RCS SEO services.

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