What is Google Shopping?

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Google Shopping is a Google service that allows people to search and compare prices for products they might be interested in buying.

They can compare and shop for physical products across a wide selection of retailers who have paid to see their products displayed.

Google Shopping displays these results as a thumbnail that shows the image or the product, pricing, and shipping estimation (If your broker knows your location).

Unlike more traditional Paid Ads, Google Shopping requires you to upload a product feed directly from your website that enables them to crawl all your products and start showing them for relevant searches.

How does Google Shopping work?

When you search for a term that is closely related with buying a product, Google may choose to show you some relevant products you can buy.

In most cases, Google will display these results in the right sidebar (Usually reserved for the Knowledge graph results)

In addition to displaying prime of place here, Google Shopping results are also displayed in their own ‘tab’ at the top of the search which will display all Google Shopping products:

Google Shopping diagram

Google Shopping has many advantages, and many reasons it converts so well:

  • Google Shopping adds a visual touch to an otherwise text-heavy searching and shopping experience.
  • Google Shopping allows you to show up multiple times in Google SERPs — as a website result, a text-only PPC result, and a Shopping result.
  • Google Shopping is proven to have 30% higher conversion rates than text ads.

How we help you generate results

Like all Paid Ads, Google Shopping is not a ‘set and forget’ medium. It takes a thorough setup and expert management to ensure it is always performing to the optimum level.

Optimising have set up hundreds of campaigns since the Google Shopping release and focus on getting you real results.

Our setups include:

Merchant Centre set up

A well setup feed is the most important ingredient to a successful campaign. This process also allows us to better understand the details around the products you sell and in turn, produce the best outcome possible for your campaign.

Google Product Feed management

Once we have the feed setup, out dedicated PPC team work on interpreting that data to ensure that we are maximising the results from your budget.

Ongoing Google Shopping strategy

A strong roadmap is vital to ensure the ongoing success of a campaign. Without a plan, you are not moving forward.

We employ many techniques to drive performance, uncover new opportunities, and maximise results. 

Audience & competitor research

Using tools and in-house intelligence created over many campaigns, we aim to continually be learning and improving your campaign. We understand that there are a multitude of external factors that can contribute to the visibility of your site, which is why we perform regular industry analyses to ensure that your campaign remains relevant and competitive.

Grow & scale

Our Google Shopping campaigns identify high-performing ads, products, landing pages, and ad copy. We then scale and replicate to improve month on month to maximise results.


Work with a Google Premier Partner

We're proud to have attained Google Premier Partner status, only awarded to 3% of Google's top performing agencies! 

Our premier partner status is proof that we are a Google Ads Agency who has the expertise to grow and manage successful Google Ads campaigns for our clients, delivering consistently great results and positive return on ad spends

Benefits include:

  • Confidence in working with an accredited agency
  • Certified Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Expert Google Ads optimisation
  • Mobile-first Mindset
  • Direct Google Support

Let’s get shopping!

Google Shopping is a welcome change from an otherwise text-heavy online shopping experience.

If your physical products aren’t being advertised on Google Shopping, you are missing out on significant sales and revenue that your competitors are getting.

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