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Adwords Remarketing

Remarketing offers businesses a way to re-engage customers who might have been “window-shopping” on your website and brings your brand back into their line of vision.

A remarketing campaign gives you an infinite number of ways to determine and target your audiences. We can help you analyse your data to figure out exactly what visitors to zoom in on, and from that, what kind of ads you’d like to show them.

Some of the more common conditions you may choose as a trigger for your remarketing ads may include:


  • Based on the specific product they visited
  • Based on visiting a specific page within the checkout process
  • Based on not visiting a certain page on the website
  • Time they spent on the site
  • Number of pages visited
  • Geographic targeting
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Types of Remarketing

Different strokes for different folks

There are several types of remarketing options, depending on the objective of the campaign:

Standard Remarketing

This Google Ads feature allows you to show customers ad banners as they browse websites that are part of the Google Display Network.

Dynamic Remarketing

This Google Ads feature allows you to direct previous visitors to website ads related to specific products they have viewed.

Remarketing Lists

Also known as RSLA, this enables you to target previous visitors to your website with text ads. You can adjust your bid to increase the likelihood of attracting these users as they return to your site for another look at your products.

Youtube Remarketing

Video Remarketing allows you to serve video ads to users who have previously visited your website while they are on Youtube.

Email List Remarketing

If you have a list of customer emails, you can upload them to Google and display targeted ads just to those users.

Which Remarketing campaign is best for your business?

Many factors, many choices

That depends on a combination of factors, from the products you sell to the reputation you’ve already built. 

Regardless, an online marketing campaign without some form of remarketing is equivalent to leaving money on the table.

Frequency Settings

Just Enough, But Not Too Much

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One of the most common questions we get from people is “Won’t people get annoyed if they keep seeing my ad?”

That’s a valid concern – human psychology has shown that there’s a very thin line between generating interest and continuous bombardment. Not to worry, we can manage this issue in two ways:

Membership Duration

How long do we want to store a cookie on a user’s browser? There are many different strategies to determine this – it must be done in line with your campaign objectives and customers, but Membership Duration can last for up to a maximum of 540 days.

Frequency Capping

This strategy allows you to decide how often you would like an individual user to see your ads during a specific period of time. We’ll help you to find that delicate balance – showing the ad enough to ensure they see it, but not so much that it gets overly repetitive.

The most efficient campaign starts here

Customising user preferences based on data

Like any form of Paid Search, Remarketing gives you plenty of flexibility to quickly test and make decisions based on data.

Every aspect of the campaign should be tried and tested throughout to ensure that ads are being well received. It’s not about throwing ads into the ether, but ensuring that they get the eyeballs you want.

Some simple Remarketing methods include testing various ad messaging, as well as  alternate membership durations and frequency caps to see what’s reaching customers most effectively. Delving further, we can look into bid strategies and test the landing pages we are sending the traffic to.

A Remarketing campaign is never finished. There are always new tests and tweaks you can do to suit changing trends and customer demographics, which is why you need it set up and managed correctly.

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Ready, set, Remarket-ing

Taking advantage of your ad spend

Any digital marketing campaign that does not have Remarketing as a feature is practically throwing away a great expansion opportunity.

Remarketing is a targeted, effective, and affordable method to reach customers you have already spent considerable effort and money to reach. Why waste your ad spend?

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