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If you want the fastest path to traffic and leads – Google Ads will put you in the driver's seat. PPC marketing on Google is a highly scalable solution designed to connect your ads with searchers actively seeking what you provide.

High performing Google Ads campaigns

Be there for customers when they need you

The original and the best, the Google Ads platform (sometimes referred to as PPC advertising), allows you to target customers who are searching for exactly what you provide, at that precise time. 

As an agency, Optimising has seen many changes to the platform over the last 10+ years allowing better targeting and more compelling ad options, making it one of the most accountable, and profitable advertising platforms. 

Easy to set up, but with ever-changing and complex rules to negotiate, it’s important to not only ensure you’re not wasting precious ad spend, but also to maximise every dollar.

Trust us like Google does

Awarded as a Google Premier Partner Agency

Optimising isn't just your average agency, we're proud to have attained Google Premier Partner status, which is only awarded to 3% of Google's top performing agencies!

We have an innate understanding of all things digital. Over the years, we’ve run various campaigns: from complicated high budget operations to smaller locally targeted projects.

As a Google-accredited Premier Partner, we have demonstrated our talents as one of the best in the field. Let us take your paid campaign to the next level.

The benefits of working with a Google Premier Partner include:

  • The confidence that you are working with an accredited agency
  • Your Google Ads are in the hands of a certified professional
  • Expert Google Ads optimisation
  • Results focused mindsets
  • Direct line of support with Google

The Team at Optimising

Google Premier Partners means Premier Google Ads Service

Our Melbourne-based squad of expert consultants have the Google Ads management skills and expertise to make your PPC campaigns work for you, whatever your industry or budget.  

We’re skilled at ensuring that you get the most out of your budget, rather than just looking to spend more money. We’re also heavily focused on ROI and making your bottom line more profitable.

Our team are proven in areas such as:

  • Paid Search
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising (Including Facebook)
  • Remarketing/Retargeting
  • E-commerce
  • Google Ads Audits

PPC Strategy & Implementation

Our local team is experienced in working with businesses to create and build effective PPC strategies that are closely aligned with your goals.

Ad Copywriting

Creating the right message on your Ads campaigns to get prospective clients to clicks and visit your site is essential. As an agency who have set up and run hundreds of effective campaigns,  Optimising are experienced at writing compelling ad copy to enhance the overall effectiveness of your Ads.

Campaign Optimisation

We don’t just ‘set and forget’ our Ads campaigns but always strive to find smart ways to improve your campaign.

Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Ads are the most effective way for retailers to place images and pricing of your products in front of eyeballs hungrily searching at that precise time. Not only an effective experience in brand exposure, it’s unbeatable as a tool to increase sales!


We’ll bring back high-converting audiences who’ve already interacted with your brand and/or products but not converted.


Though we’ll always provide you with access to your own account, the team at Optimising will still provide transparent and clear breakdown on both the campaign and proof of ROI through detailed and customised reporting.

All your Google Ads Options

Choosing the right tool for the job

It's a common misconception that Paid Ads are expensive. However, that can definitely be the case if the campaign is set up badly.

What’s the advantage with Google Ad campaigns? It means potential customers will only see your ads when they search for precisely the products or services you offer, in the locations you specify.

By doing this, we’re reaching people as soon as they’re ready to buy or make contact. Done right, this will earn you more revenue than it costs to acquire the customer.

Paid Ads encompasses a wide selection of different advertising options. Each option has its own benefits: 

Remarketing 1

Google Remarketing

Google shopping

Google Shopping

Why Choose Optimising as your Google Ads agency?

Your Melbourne based team of experts

Focused on Your Goals 

97% of users will search for a product or service online prior to making a purchase. PPC allows you to reach potential customers at the exact moment that they are looking for your products or services.

Targeted Traffic

As a super-fussy agency, with a close eye on your goals, we HATE wasting ad spend. We only target high-converting terms relevant to your business’s aims.

Accountable and Fair Pricing

We charge our time fairly, and make sure you’ll get more than what you pay for.

Competitor Research

We look at your competitive landscape to fully understand your brand’s place in the market.

Transparent Reporting

See how your money is working for you every step of the way with goal setting, tracking and monthly reporting.

Paid Ads Case Studies

Learn why businesses have trusted us for so many years

Optimising have been around for a while. We've seen Paid Ads capabilities change completely in the time we've working with clients – and we're still at the top of our game.

What's our secret? Real work, real results, and great clients!

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Google Ads FAQ's

Although we can give you a ballpark of the Cost Per Click’s (CPC) before we start the campaign, we won’t know a fully accurate number until we start running the campaign for you. 

Google AdWords/PPC platforms operate on an auction system, so the CPC is based on how many other businesses are competing for those customers. 

Cost per clicks can vary massively from 10c per click for really non competitive terms, to $30-40 per click for high value, super competitive terms like finance and home loans. 

We have clients spending from $500 a month, up to $50,000 per month on their Paid Ad campaigns. It is really dependent on your market, the CPC and your return on that investment.

Generally to test the waters we would recommend a budget of at least $20 per day as a starting point to get some data to base your budget decisions for the ongoing campaign.

The great thing about any Paid Advertising is it is trackable down to the last cent. We are able to track exactly what you are spending, your conversion rates, and how many leads were generated or sales made.

The fact you cannot see your ads does not mean the campaign isn’t working! There can be many reasons you may not see your ads at a particular time.

  • Other competitors bidding more
  • Ad budget finished or being saved to spread out throughout the day
  • Personalised search not showing your ads as you never click on them
  • A number of other reasons…

Although this used to be an issue, Google has almost made it impossible now, and if it is suspected, they are very quick to act and reimburse you for any wasted money. Google are definitely fighting in your corner with regards to click fraud! 

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