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Google AdWords is by far the most successful PPC platform available. PPC in general is a great way to capture leads in a very targeted, measurable and scalable way.

The key difference when you have your campaign managed by Optimising, is that you get a dedicated PPC guru who monitors your account daily, provides detailed reporting on a monthly basis and is consistently refining your ads and ad groups to ensure you have minimal wasted spending and consistently improving click-through rates (CTRs).

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How does PPC work?

We can set a maximum amount that you are willing to pay per click, and you will pay only when someone actually clicks on your ad. To control the cost of your campaigns, you will have the option of setting daily or monthly budgets.

Optimising has the experience and knowledge to help maximise the effectiveness of your AdWords campaign through ad optimisation, ad copywriting and bid management techniques.

Why PPC?

  • Reach your customers: 97% of users will search for a product or service online prior to making a purchase. PPC allows you to reach potential customers at the exact moment that they are looking for your products or services.

  • PPC is controllable: : PPC allows for greater control than most other marketing activities. You can control when and where your ads appear, set the maximum budget you wish to spend in a particular period and stop or start your campaign at any time. Location targeting allows you to target only those users within a specific city, state, country or even a particular radius around your business.

  • PPC is measurable: Unlike other types of marketing, PPC is highly measurable so you can get an accurate picture of the number of users visiting your site as well as the sales and revenue generated as a result of your campaign. Measuring performance on a granular level allows you to maximise your ROI by focusing your budget on keywords and ads that perform best.

  • Level playing field: Search engines do not discriminate between big businesses and small businesses. PPC allows smaller businesses to compete with their larger competitors, levelling out the playing field.

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Things we do in a PPC campaign

Optimising provides you a unique solution when setting up and running your PPC campaign. We research your competitors, industry, and business in depth, to ensure we have all the information we need to create a smart and successful campaign for you.

  • Analysing your business and identifying your online advertising goals

  • Establishing a monthly PPC budget

  • Setting up an account for your business for Google AdWords

  • Identifying the keywords your customers are using

  • Writing effective ad copy

  • Bid management and optimisation

  • Modifying keywords/ad copy as required to improve the amount of clicks received

  • Regular reporting of results

Aspects of PPC

When you first think of PPC, you generally think of Google AdWords, but these days it's a much wider opportunity for marketers. We now have more ways to advertise, more channels to advertise on, and much better targeting options.

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Google Adwords

The original and the best, Google AdWords, allows you to display your ads to customers who are searching for exactly what you provide. In recent years we have seen many changes to the platform allowing better targeting, more ad options such as click to call, ad extension and location data.

For most businesses, AdWords remains the most effective way to reach engaged customers.

Google Display Network (GDN)

Run through the Google AdWords interface, GDN allows to you display banner ads to users on relevant websites. Low cost and customisable, the GDN is a great option if you are wanting to expose your brand to highly targeted customers.


These days, if you are doing any kind of marketing, be that online or offline, you should always be running a Remarketing campaign. Remarketing allows you to  market to people who have been to your website, again and again. Once they visit your website, they are added to your ‘list’, and we can display to them targeted banner images to encourage them to come back to your website and convert. The CPC is relatively cheap and the cost of not running this type of campaign is huge.

YouTube Pre Roll Advertising

With the growth of video as a medium, YouTube is a platform that cannot be ignored. YouTube Pre-roll ads are those short clips you see before you watch the content requested on YouTube. These videos are short, sharp, and highly targeted (you can also use your remarketing list).

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Operating on the same concept, two other paid channels we now have access to are Facebook and Instagram. More information can be found on our social media page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost per click?

Although we can give you ballpark of the Cost Per Click (CPC) before we start the campaign, we won’t know a fully accurate number till we start running the campaign for you.

Google AdWords and all other paid platforms operate on an auction system, so the CPC is based on how many other business are competing for those customers.

Cost per clicks can vary massively from .01-.02c per click for really non competitive terms, to $30-40 per click for high value, uber competitive terms like finance and home loans.

How much should my daily budget be?

We have clients spending from $1,000 a month, up to $50,000 per month on their Paid Ad campaigns. It is really dependent on your market, the CPC and your return on that investment.

Generally to test the waters we would recommend a budget of at least $20 per day as a starting point to get some data to base your budget decisions for the ongoing campaign.

How do I know if my PPC Campaign is working?

The great thing about any Paid Advertising is it is trackable down to the last cent. We are able to track exactly what you are spending, your conversion rates, and how many leads generated.

I can’t see my ads - what’s wrong with my campaign?

The fact you cannot see your ads does not mean the campaign isn’t working! There can be many reasons you may not see your ads at a particular time.

  • Other competitors bidding more

  • Ad budget finished or being saved to spread out throughout the day

  • Personalised search not showing your ads as you never click on them

  • A huge number of other reasons...

How do I stop my competitors clicking on my ads and wasting my budget?

Although this used to be an issue, Google has almost made it impossible now, and if it is suspected, they are very quick to act and reimburse you for any wasted money.

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