How Cafe Italia Delivers on Twitter

I was busy at work on a Monday and on my list to do was book dinner for Wednesday night in the Lygon Street area. I know it sounds simple, but I am gluten free and obviously there are a heap of pizza and pasta places that may not cater for my needs. I'm a fan of making light work out of these sorts of tasks so I tweeted what I was in need of. Almost instantly, Stephanie Crawford (@StephjCrawf) sent me a tweet and recommended @cafeitalia3053, I went online and checked out the menu, it looked great and I was in the process of waiting a couple of hours before opening hours so I could ring and book. No need, a tweet alert had already come through on the iPhone

"@samfreedomtiger hi Samantha we'd love to have you. Let us know when you're coming!" I think brilliant, a proactive restaurant. I reply

"@cafeitalia3053 Yay! Love that you are on S.M. I want to make a booking for 5 on Wed night at 7pm - you want me to call the restaurant?"

"@samfreedomtiger don't worry about calling it's all booked in for you. It's under your name. Look forward to seeing you then!"

So within about ten minutes I had found a restaurant, booked a table and made a new friend on social media, I then began to brag to my friends across Twitter and in real life! I think it was close to making my day. The big day comes (Wednesday) and the weather in Melbourne was shocking, thunderstorms and every car in Melbourne was on the road, I was going to be running late for my 7pm reservation. So I tweet to let @cafeitalia3053 know -

"Hey @cafeitalia3053 sorry running a bit late. Traffic is crazy. Be there asap. Thanks!" and they reply

"@samfreedomtiger not a problem, totally understandable on a day like today"

With my stress of running late at bay I'm super pumped about eating and enjoying my new Twitter friend. Cafe Italia is on University Street, just off Lygon. It's a hidden gem. The service was wonderful and the food just as delightful. But, above all, the thing I loved was that I already had a connection with the venue and already felt at home. It was a lovely surprise, when we payed our bill, they handed over a bottle of Cafe Italia Olive Oil to take home with me for creating a bit of a wave on Twitter. Thank you @cafeitalia3053, an experience I'll always remember and I have no doubt I'll be back in the future.

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