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YouTube Video Marketing

Posted on January 01, 2014

How much time do you spend watching Youtube videos while you should be working? Come on, honestly...

"When I discovered YouTube, I didn't work for five days. I did nothing. I viewed cookie monster sings chocolate rain about 1,000 times."_ Michael Scott, from TV Show: The Office (USA)_

I can admit I am a sucker for a clever and entertaining Youtube video. In today's fast moving web, there are thousands of cool, useful and entertaining media being uploaded onto various video sharing websites such as Youtube, dailymotion and Vidmeo every second. With over 3 million Australian using Youtube, 25% of all Google searches, and over 9000 hours of video uploaded to the site every day, not tapping into Youtube is an online marketing disaster.

So how does a video go viral? And how do you get more people to view those videos?

While no one has discovered the exact science yet, there is certainly a formula to creating something that people want to watch. * * Use the Great Equipment I am not saying you need to go out and spend $5000 on the latest and greatest camera, and expensive backdrop and lighting, and George Lucas style video editing techniques, but use the best you can afford. A decent camera which records in HD, an external microphone, some natural light, and a clear desk – you're in business. [caption id="attachment519" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Youtube Video Product: Great Equipment is a MUST Youtube Video Product: Great Equipment is a MUST[/caption] * *Be natural and genuine_ Don't play tricks, don't try to be someone you are not, be genuine, provide great information and service, and your video will take of naturally. Think about the reasons for making the Youtube video and what you want to achieve. Are you making an instructional video to help people who may not have you expertise; are you making a documentary or highlights of an event? Whatever you are doing, have a reason for making the video, and a reason that people would like to watch it. Don't make it an 80's Wedding Video We don't need to win any movie making awards with a Youtube video, but make sure you add a little professionalism to your video with some simple editing techniques, a nice intro, and some contact details at the end of the video if you are promoting a business or service. Stay away from tacky transitions, bright bold colours titles and images and any kind of sound effect. Youtube Videos need SEO help too While not as complex as the Search Engine Optimisation of a website, Youtube video Optimisation is still a must if you would like it to appear in the SERP's.

Make Video title relevant to your chosen topic. If your making a video on Blue Widgets a Video title 'Blue Widgets' or 'Guide to Blue Widgets' Your Video description should include your chosen keywords in the title, as well as accurately describing and promoting your video Youtube Videos allow you to specify 'Tags' for the video as well. Make sure you enter at least 10 keywords relevant to your video [caption id="attachment520" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Youtube is fun if you let it be Youtube is fun if you let it be[/caption] _Enable sharing and Embedding The reason you put a video on Youtube should be to share information. Make it easy for people to use your content however they like through embedding it on their website, emailing to friends and sharing on any social network. If you're just starting out, or if you are a seasoned Youtube performer, have some fun with it, engage with your users, and generate some traffic to your website. Youtube is a fantastic resource and promotional tool which will only get bigger. _ _ _Some great examples of successful Viral Videos _

About the Author

James Richardson

Sales Director

James Richardson started his online career by running online Sports Fan sites (luckily none are still online today), with the pinnacle of the site being a write up in the Sunday Herald Sun 'Wired' column.

His professional career began at a ASX listed company, Melbourne IT, where he held various senior roles across the Sales and Marketing teams, before deciding to venture out on his own.

Running several successful online websites and businesses himself, he is well placed at understanding your business needs.

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