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James Richardson

Sales & Marketing Director | Co-Founder

Posted: 25 Mar 2020

People & Culture at Optimising

Our most important assets

Co-founder of Google, Larry Page, once said “Make sure everybody in the company has great opportunities, has a meaningful impact and is contributing to the good of the society.” 

Over the past 10 years, there has been an increased focus, across many different organisations, to create better workplaces to help employees thrive, grow and quite frankly, love coming to work everyday. This new shift in thinking doesn’t create change overnight, but there is hope and excitement in where the modern workplace is headed. 

In late 2019, Optimising founders James Richardson and Daniel Zuccon, appointed a new face to further the workplace initiatives at Optimising for 2020 and beyond. 

Tamera Crang, aka People & Culture Lead, joined the Optimising team in late 2019 and will be leading the charge to strengthen our already amazing team and also help to grow and continue the company goals for the new year ahead. 

We recently sat down with Tam to find out more about the role and what she wants to bring to it.

Tamera crang optimsing


What was your first impression of Optimising when you started? 

Everyone is so down to earth and friendly, there is definitely a comfortability in the air. As most people know, starting a new job and joining a team can be an adjustment so it’s important to be able to connect with people and feel welcomed. The people are what make a workplace and there has been nothing but positive vibes since being at Optimising. 

What’s your background and what brought you to Optimising? 

Originally from the US, I moved to Australia in early 2011 and continued to grow my skills working with various digital agencies. In 2017, I began my transition to a team project leader and worked with organisations to better processes and skill development. From there I became more hands-on with improving operational procedures and helping team up skill and network. When the opportunity at Optimising came along, I knew that I could offer something positive to the role and I’m glad they agreed! 

In your opinion, what’s the most important factor to building a positive and rewarding workplace? 

It’s really crucial to keep on a continuous path of improvement and adopting new ways and tools to create a productive environment for employees. The average worker spends 8 hours a day at their employment, it should definitely be a place to enjoy and even look forward to going to. Also, never underestimate the finer details - just because you aren’t Google doesn’t mean you can’t create an inviting workplace that inspires. 


What are some of your focuses and goals for the next year at Optimising? 

I’m really looking to establish various team programs to further wellbeing and professional development and jumpstarting projects that give back to the community. We’ve also begun the journey to becoming a ‘B Corp certified business’ in the near future. 

Are there any other businesses that inspire you in what they are doing in their workplace? 

Airbnb, Atlassian, and Slack are just a few of the businesses that are doing something positive in this space. 

For instance, Airbnb is one of the most well known platforms in the world and has scaled-up quickly while revolutionising the way people travel and experience. Their ethos and values are strong - acceptance and inclusion is a huge focus for them as well as creating an environment where there is one dialogue and transparency. I think the future of the modern workplace is creating a welcoming space for everyone and encouraging every employee to bring their strengths, whatever they may be. 

Is there anything else that you’d like to share? 

Excited to be working with Optimising and really keen to see all of the goals we can accomplish for 2020. 

In addition to the focus on People & Culture here at Optimising, we are also excited to grow our team and continue to provide excellent service for our dedicated client base

James Richardson

Sales & Marketing Director | Co-Founder

Working in the SEO industry for many years alongside some of Australia’s biggest brands, James started his online career running online Sports Fan sites, as well as cutting his teeth on several successful eCommerce brands and content sites.

Previously holding various senior roles across the Sales and Marketing teams for ASX listed companies, he went on to found Optimising with Daniel and is proud he has helped mould it into one of Melbourne’s leading SEO agencies.

When he’s not in the office he’s at home having pretend tea parties, or building a cubby house in the lounge room with his three young girls.

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