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A New Year means New Opportunities, New Work and New Staff Intros! 

Vady joined the team as a junior developer and she helps bridge the gap between SEO and technology. When she's not building websites and solving problems, she can be found playing cricket with her local women's cricket team. 

Meet Vady

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How did you get your start into web development?

I would say I am a developer by profession but also a designer by heart. I have done my Bachelor’s in Engineering while majoring in IT. I have always wondered how I could bring both technology and design together to take the IT industry to new heights. That inspired me to pursue a Master of IT, while also majoring in Human Computer Interaction from the University of Melbourne. While I was studying I also took up freelance work and thus developed my passion and skills for website design and development. I have also worked as a tutor for a Web Information Technology subject, as part of the University of Melbourne. 

What's been your biggest work accomplishment to date ?

I have learned a lot while working here as a web developer but one thing that stands out for me personally is the custom WordPress project I did for one of our clients. The project involved a lot of learning and I think I walked an extra mile to meet the clients expectations.  I believe that replicating a photoshop design into a fully-functional website is a big achievement for any developer.

What was it like joining a new workplace during a global pandemic? 

Although it wasn't the most ideal time to join a new workplace, I think technology and my colleagues made the overall experience pretty seamless. Initially, I did find it challenging to establish a relationship with the team as I had never met them in person - I have learned through this experience that communication is one of the keys to success.

What do you enjoy most about working at Optimising? 

I love my team and overall work culture. Everyone is so friendly and supportive that makes the entire working experience more fun and enjoyable. Not to forget now that I am back in office I love hanging out for lunch on the rooftop and going for short walks to the Ice Cream shop.

How do you spend your weekends?

I usually spend my weekend with friends, going on long drives to the Great Ocean Road with my DSLR and eating delicious food along our way. Also, I have recently joined the Thornbury Turf Strokers Women’s cricket team and I am so excited for the tournament that happens every alternate Sunday :)

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