Meet the Team Series: Joel

New Normal, new job

How Joel got started during a pandemic

Imagine this, you have just started a new job, you are learning a new work routine and getting to know your new team members.

...And then a global pandemic shuts down the country. gasp

We’ve all been there - starting a new job is both challenging and exciting - all at the same time. We always ensure that every new member of the team undergoes a thorough onboarding process to ensure they are set up for success from the very beginning. Over the last 4 months, we’ve experienced some shifts and adaptations to how we work and our new team members not only have adjusted to this new normal but have brought their unique and innovative skills to the team. 

To kick off our #meettheteam series, we had a chat to our newest additions to find out a bit more about them and how they’ve adjusted to the new way of working.

Meet Joel

Joel optimising

So, when you did you officially join the Optimising team?

June 15th, but I think I got the job offer in mid May

What’s your job title and what kind of work do you do?

I'm an SEO Specialist and my core focus is trying to improve the organic visibility for my clients to improve their revenue and online presence.

What was your first impression of Optimising when you first started?

I got the vibe that it was a pretty friendly, organised kind of place to work. I've had some really good chats with the team. I was drawn to work at Optimising because the site emphasised honesty and integrity; which is something I really value in this industry.

Share one positive result/outcome that has come from working remotely?

It's certainly let me see more clearly where my strengths and weaknesses are in terms of communication. I've always felt more comfortable in face to face situations than over text or call (I was absolutely terrible at online dating apps), so working out how to express myself better through online comms has actually been a positive!


What have been the main challenges as a new employee during COVID-19? How have you learned to overcome them?

The biggest challenge has been trying to key in with people and match their energy. So much of a workplaces culture and norms are expressed through non-verbal indicators and learnt through observing others interacting; so trying to gauge things like my level of autonomy and the inherent way to approach clients is hard. I often use humour as a way to quickly build rapport with people and that's a lot harder in digital communication.I'm not sure if I've exactly overcome them just yet, but the level of support and understanding from management and my coworkers has been phenomenal; it gets me excited for when things are a bit more normal and I can actually socialise with them.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work hours?

Outside of work I really enjoy going to cafes, restaurants or pool halls with friends. I love a couple games of pool even though I'm pretty rubbish given how much I've played.

Name the last movie/show you saw - and how would you rate it?

F is for Family and probably 6.5/10... There's some decent story lines in there but often the comedy falls flat or feels cliche.

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