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If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that anything is possible!

The landscape of our team has changed over the last three months and some of our newest members are now located in Brisbane. This was a very exciting move for us as a team because we were not only bringing onboard more talented SEO professionals but it also allowed us to broaden our services to other markets. 

We were delighted to welcome our new SEO specialists, Amber & Emma, back in September and since being onboard, they have been a great addition to our team - and also educating us on the cool things to do in Brisbane!

Get to know our latest team additions, all the way from the sunshine state!

Meet Emma

Emma m optimising

So, what do you like best about working remotely?

My favourite part about working remotely is being home with my puppy Ralph! I'm looking forward to being able to travel down to Melbourne and visit the team in person.

Describe to us your typical work day! What keeps you motivated?

My day usually starts with checking emails and setting out my tasks for the day. The majority of my day is spent doing client work, with team meetings and training sessions throughout the week. And we can't forget yoga on Tuesdays!


What’s your favourite thing to do to take breaks/recharge?

I often have music playing in the background while I work and always have a cup of tea or coffee with me. I also like to get involved with the group chats to break up my work day a bit.

Do you have any helpful tips for someone who is working in a remote team or might be starting out working remotely?

Don't be afraid to ask questions or for a quick video call.

Share one positive experience you have had since joining the Optimising team.

The thing that I've noticed the most is the amazing team culture! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. There's a weekly MVP and company kudos to show appreciation for other team members. The Halloween dress up competition was super fun as well.

Name your favourite thing to do in Brisbane and why?

I love having picnics in New Farm Park or going for a drink at one of the restaurants at Howard Smith Wharves. It's so nice to sit by the river in lovely sunny weather with friends.