Optimising Amber

We have had a busy lead up to the Christmas season and looking forward to a solid start to 2021. We've spent the last couple of months getting to know some of our newest recruits. 

What do coffee breaks, St Bernards, and always planning ahead have in common? Our newest SEO Specialist, Amber! 

Meet Amber

What do you like best about working remotely?

Being home with the pets to keep me company

Describe a typical work day for you

A typical work day starts with 1 or 2 cups of coffee, checking and replying to emails and planning out my day. I work through everything I have planned for the first half of the day and deal with any surprises that may have popped up. I will then make myself lunch and either watch some Netflix or have a cheeky midday nap! After lunch it is back to work and checking on emails again before diving straight back into the planned work for the afternoon.

Once work is done and I am signed off for the day I will either take my dog for a walk or take it easy before getting stuck into dinner preparations.

What’s your favourite thing to do to take breaks/recharge?

Initially I was having tea or coffee for breaks and to help recharge but now I have started taking a few minutes to sit in the sun and drink some water.

Do you have any helpful tips for someone who is working in a remote team or might be starting out working remotely?

My biggest tip to anyone who is working remote is to stay in touch with your team and coworkers. Even if it's just a quick chat to see how they are doing or if it is a work related question, never be too afraid to reach out.

Share one positive experience you have had since joining the Optimising team.

I can’t pinpoint anything specific but the overall feeling of being welcomed into the team and now feeling supported every day. As cheesy as that is!

Name your favourite thing to do in Brisbane and why?

My favourite thing to do in Brisbane would have to be visiting Mount Tamborine on a weekend. Going to St Bernards, having a nice lunch and seeing the big doggos and then having a relaxing walk on one of the many trails they have. It is my dream to move up there and take up the mountain lifestyle because of how calm and at peace you feel up there. It seems to be worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city.