We’re off to Google Engage Training!

The Optimising office is alight with excitement for tomorrow’s Google Engage for Agencies seminar. The program helps agencies build their Online Marketing skills and capabilities with in-depth training in Google Adwords and Analytics. We’re so excited about attending because the seminar will help us improve our clients results even further.

If you didn’t know already, we hate handing out clients money over to Google with inefficient PPC campaigns, it’s like wearing your shoes on the opposite feet. It just doesn’t feel right. Any opportunity for Optimising to hear the news straight from the Google Gods’ mouths is golden for us. It’s all a part of keeping a close relationship with Google and staying on the cutting edge of Online Marketing.

The Google Engage for Agencies gives us unparalleled support for our clients with 24/7 customer support. It’s great for us, because the Google Adwords is a round the clock business. Our clients occasionally benefit when Google throw us some free Adwords vouchers, generous bunch aren’t they?

Membership in the Engage program also provides us with a vast library of resources and online webinars so we can keep developing and growing our skills and client results. It’s valuable stuff for our business and our clients too, because we pass on what we learn to their campaigns.

One of the most important lessons we’ve learned at Optimising is making all the aspects of your online presence work together. Google Engage doesn’t just teach us about Adwords, but how we can use all of Google’s tools for improving out client’s business and the way they work online. Working this way is much smarter, efficient and it’s something we pride ourselves in.

Do any of our dear readers use any of Google’s other services? Tell us about your experience.

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