Hiding Pinterest from your Facebook Feed

Facebook seems to be giving Pinterest a high priority in terms of what is displayed on your feed from your friends. (It also tends to stick around your timeline for extended periods which is interesting in itself). This can be a little annoying for all if you or others are playing with Pinterest lately and pinning a lot of photos/crap.

However, you may not want to disable Facebook integration entirely as it’s the easiest way for your friends to find your newfound social network. Lucky for you there is a setting for that.

Just go to the drop down menu in the top right with your mug on it, and then to Settings. Halfway down there is a setting to leave Facebook integration on, but turn off updates to your Timeline. If you haven’t already linked Facebook you can do this here too.

And, voila! Your friends can still find you, and you don’t fill Facebook with more junk.

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