Google +1 for Websites Review

Word out of the Google IO conference is that the promised ‘Google +1′ button that can be inserted into websites is literally only weeks away.

The button will have a counter like display similar to how the Facebook ‘Like’ buttons operate, with full stats and reporting available to users.

How do I install Google +1?

Installation for everyone will be through a simple online form, which will generate a unique code according to your inputs which can then be placed into the coding of your website.

What reporting will I get from Google +1?

Google will be providing a full list of reporting features on the new button including activity, +1′s, demographics, and location.

These reports will eb available through the Google Webmaster Central.

The Google +1 system will have a big impact on websites, and maybe even search. If you want the latest, subscribe to our blog to hear when the new features are released.

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