Adwords Express: the facts

Google Adwords is one of the best tools for targeted advertising and online marketing, but since it’s beginnings, Adwords has become increasingly complex and pushed smaller business away. This is mainly because they don’t have the technical expertise to get real results from online marketing campaigns.

Google’s incredible market awareness has helped them launch Adwords Express, a simplified Adwords portal purposed with making online advertising and marketing easier and more effective for small to medium businesses (SMB’s). It’s an excellent idea but practically, Adwords Express poses more problems for small business than it solves.

The main problem with AdWords Express comes from  judging whether you’re getting a good return on your advertising spend. Most SMB owners considering Express would have limited knowledge around tracking engagement and knowing which ads should go with relevant keywords and why. It takes a fairly specialised and technical knowledge to make sure a business gets everything out of each dollar they spend. Without understanding SEO strategies, small business will be spending more on their online advertising budgets and getting less. As a result, the whole process becomes less efficient.

Cost isn’t the only consideration for Pay per Click (PPC), we should also consider the man hours allocated to online marketing. SMB’s must honestly  assess their own PPC ability and ask themselves if they can get the best results with their money and time. An experienced PPC professional knows what success looks like; they have enough industry experience and knowledge to know the difference.

We’re not saying don’t use Adwords Express, but if you think your business deserves a more efficient solution, talk to one of the Optimising Team for an honest assessment on which options suit you best.

Have you or anyone you know tried this new system? How has it worked for you?

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